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Importance of building your small businesses brand

By December 14, 2015 No Comments

Your brand is your most important marketing tool that will ensure repeat business. When you build your brand it gives your customers the assurance of what they can expect from your business concerning products and services. It is important to focus on building your small businesses brand as it is what distinguishes your business from others.

1. Customer perceptions

As consumers we are more likely to buy from a brand that we are familiar with. If your small businesses brand image is poor then customers will be far less likely to buy from you. Your branding should tell people who your small business is, what you do, for what reason and what your unique selling points are. This should be consistent across all your channels to distinguish your brand as customers are overloaded with information all the time so a consistent brand image is crucial.

2. Customer loyalty

Building your small businesses brand can lead to customer loyalty. If you have loyal customers then they will be more likely to return and make repeat purchases. Your small business may also benefit from word of mouth marketing. If you have happy, loyal customers, they may want to recommend your business to their friends and family, thus, growing your customer base and increasing brand awareness.

3. Beacon for employees

If your small businesses brand is built well and established within your company then it will help in having a more consistent brand message. It is important in any sized business that employees embody some of the feelings that you have for your business. By identifying and educating employees on the brand, it will act as a beacon or lighthouse to guide and assist them in fulfilling business goals and ambitions.

For more on building your small businesses brand you can check out our guide which also includes a handy checklist. Alternatively you can learn how to build your brand awareness through different channels and build your brand on social media in our previous posts.