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Benefits of understanding your customers

By December 4, 2015 No Comments

We previously we covered the importance of good customer service but how can you tailor your customer service to the needs of your customers if you don’t understand these needs? By understanding your customers you can provide better service to them which will lead to many benefits.

1. Consumer confidence

Seeing as everyone is different the needs of customers will be different too. Every customer will expect your staff to have a good knowledge of your products and services including the costs, duration of contract and service, warranty and the small print in your contracts. If your business is in retail then you will be required to know the brands you sell, where stock is sourced and where it’s located within your store. Having better knowledge will give consumers more confidence to shop with your business.

2. Build your brand

Understanding your customers can also help when building your brand and your PR strategy. Conducting market research in advance of launching a product or service will help you build a picture of your customer base. As well as this you should record what customers tell you post-purchase in order to help you gain valuable information about their occupations and interests. This will help you tailor your marketing efforts to this target market and thus help you increase business at a future date.

3. Meet expectations

Service-level expectations will be different depending on what sector a customer is in. Customers will have certain expectations of your business in your chosen sector. Understanding your customers expectations will help you meet these expectations and satisfy more customers.

4. Repeat business

Understanding your customers can also lead to repeat business. For some businesses a no frills approach may work but for others they seek to offer an additional level of service and surpass customers’ expectations. Asking customers if there is more you can do for them can be the catalyst for repeat business.

In order to enjoy this repeat business and other benefits from understanding your customers you will need to offer good customer service. We have created a guide to customer service to help you keep your customers as they are the lifeblood of every business.