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Managing staff in customer service roles

By December 21, 2015 No Comments

The quality of your customer service can be attributed to the quality of the people who provide it. As a business owner it is crucial to ensure that the staff that are hired want to work for you and buy into your brand values. When managing staff that are recruited, they should be well trained and rewarded for the service they provide as they are usually the first point of contact for your customers.

As well as being well trained, your staff should understand what is required of them and engage with ongoing training. Being happy to work, maintaining a positive attitude and being an ambassador for the business will ensure a better delivery of customer service. Employees should be empowered to suggest and deliver changes or improvements. They should also express appreciation to customers for their business.

Engagement is important when managing staff. Often this commences with the receptionist, whether in person or on the phone, so it’s important that they always engage your customers in a pleasant and meaningful way. Seeing as the customer always comes first, there must be consistency across all staff members in respecting requests, comments and complaints.

Constant monitoring of service levels is essential in managing staff as it can help identify if any staff need additional training or are not working as a team. This will also help identify if there is a need to hire additional staff or you should move staff around within the company.

It is often far more important to keep customers as opposed to winning new ones. Repeat business from your existing customer base is much easier to find rather than new customers. Each customer’s perception of your business will determine how well you do this and that perception will be dictated by the level of customer service you provide.  Therefore managing staff in these customer service roles are critical in any business. For more on customer service be sure to read our guide.