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*Seminar length is 2.5 hours

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  • The New Payroll Workflow

  • Practical Demo 1: Payroll processing basics

  • Setup payroll options:

  • Digital Certificate

  • Employment ID Prefix

  • Generate employment ID’s

  • Get RPN’s

  • Process payroll

  • Preview Gross to Net Report

  • Submit Payrun

  • Check Payrun (manually from payroll)

  • Payroll Best Practice Tips

  • Practical Session 2: Joiners & Leavers

  • Handling new employees

    • Enter employees including start date

    • Run ‘register new employees’ option to Revenue

      • Special type of RPN

    • Get RPN for new employee

    • Pay new employee and submit to Revenue

  • Handling leavers

    • Enter finish date

    • Submit & check final payroll

    • Cease employment on employee record card

  • Implementation Considerations

  • Revenue Rule Changes

  • Practical Session 3: Correcting Errors

  • Using Big Red Book ‘Rollback’ feature

  • Example – delete a submission

    • Payslip processed in error

  • Example – replace a submission

    • Submission was incorrect, and will be re-submitted

  • New ROS Portals

  • Getting Ready Checklist

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