How do I backup my company?

  • An important part of using the Big Red Book is being able to backup your accounts securely and safely
  • To backup first you need to be on the company selection screen. Highlight the company and click on ‘Backup’
  • A popup window will appear looking for you confirm backup click ‘Yes’


It will now give you an option to browse to a backup location

  • If you click on Browse you can look for a preferred location like an external hard drive.
  • You can add password but just be aware that this data cannot be restored without the password used to back it up.
  • Next is Book Enquiry files and Invoice and statement forms they can both be ticked and it will save and preferred forms and invoices used.
  • You can now click ‘OK’ It will take moment to backup data once complete you will have a zip file with same number as the slot number the backup was done from example if you backup the 001 slot it will be a file.


How do I restore a backup?

  • When restoring in the Big Red Book you highlight the slot you want to restore the backup into and click restore. You will get a confirmation window asking you to ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ click ‘Yes’ if you wish to continue. When you click yes another message will pop up advising the all data will be over written are you sure you want to continue. Click ‘Yes’ if you wish to continue. Another warning message confirms you want to restore a backup and that you type yes to continue. Type ‘Yes’ to continue.
  • There are 3 steps to aware of at this point
  • 1)The backup must be in zip format and the name must match the slot it is being restored to example if you want to restore to the 001 slot the backup needs to be called BRB001
  • 2)You can’t restore into an empty slot. So if restoring into 001 be sure there is a least a dummy company there if there isn’t just highlight the 001 slot and open to create one.


3)Finally, when are ready to restore you highlight the location of the backup. Not the backup itself. For example, if the backup is on the desktop highlight the desktop and click ‘OK’ – ‘Yes’ – and ‘OK’ when it reads ‘Restore Completed’.

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