1: What are months/tabs 13, 14, 15 and can I enter data to the next year before the year end routine has been ran?

  1. Tabs 13, 14, 15 are the first 3 months of the next financial year. You can enter transactions to these months before running the year end routine. Once the year end routine is complete, transactions entered to months 13, 14, 15 will automatically show in months 1, 2 and 3 of the new year.
  2. Month 15 (i.e. month 3) of the new year is the latest month you can add transactions to prior to running the year end routine.

2: What reports do I print off for my year end routine?

Please consult your accountant and ask them what reports they require. All reports available in Big Red Book can be found under the ‘Reports’ Section (This includes nominal ledger reports), and all reports are categorized as per their book of entry i.e.: cash book, bank payments, sales book etc.

3: How do I run a year end routine in Big Red Book?

  1. Open your Big Red Book application.Note: you must have an available company slot to perform the below steps
    • Highlight current year and perform a backup of the company – see how to perform a backup here.
    • Once the backup is complete, highlight the current year again and click on the option to copy. You will get an option for “All data” or “Setup Only”. Be sure to select the option for “All data”. (If you have no empty company slots you may need to contact the Big Red Book to purchase more)
    • The copy will now appear in one of your empty company slots. This copy company will have the exact same information as the original company, the only difference will be in the name.
    • Open the newly created copy and go to Setup – Company Details – General. Correct the company name so it does not have the wording “Copy of” in front of your company name, or rename accordingly and save.
    • Now, Go to Utilities and Year End Routine, be sure to read the warning messages that appear and follow on screens instructions.
    • The year-end can take quite some time, from a few seconds to an hour depending on the amount of data and the speed of your PC. During that time, it will say (not responding) this is fine, wait until the message “Year End Routine Complete” appears and then press OK.
    • Congratulations, you have now successfully performed a Year End Routine
      • *Note: if you received any error messages and the Year End Routine cannot be completed, please contact support for help.


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