1. Overview of CSO Data

Data required in Big Red Book Payroll to facilitate completing the CSO Earnings, Hours and Cost of Employment Survey:

1. In Settings > Company enter CSO Declaration data

2. In Settings > Rates of Pay assign a CSO Type to each Pay Element

3. In Employee Details > Main tab enter CSO Analysis for each Employee

4. Where the ‘Basic Rate’ is used enter the relevant ‘Hours Factor’

5. Where ‘Auto Add Time Sheet’ is used enter the no. of hours for each pay element

7. When entering TimeSheets ensure that the number of hours is entered where applicable and that each Pay Element is assigned a CSO Type (e.g. Basic Salary/Wage, Overtime, Shift Allowance etc.)

8. Record Holidays in the Employee > Holidays tab.

9. Record Paid and Unpaid Leave for Sick Leave, Maternity and Other Leave in the Employee > Other Leave tab.

10. Select Reports > CSO EHECS to calculate the Survey data from the payroll records, enter other data required for the survey and generate a file to return to the CSO.

2. Collate Survey Data

Select Reports > CSO EHECS.

The screen displayed will initially not display any data.

At the left-hand side you select the Quarter and Year for the Survey. Click on ‘Calculate’ to calculate the data from the payroll data.

The data is laid out to be similar to the printed survey form. Review each tab for accuracy and to enter the highlighted data which has to be entered manually.

There is a lot of data to report on and the accuracy of what is reported will depend on what has been entered. For instance the tab ‘Hours Paid not Worked’ is entirely calculated from the information entered in the Holidays and Other Leave tabs in the Employee screen.

To Save the on screen data click on the ‘Save’ button. You will be prompted to save the file in the current Payroll data folder to a filename ‘Qtr’ + + e.g. ‘Qtr1_2019.xml’. This file can be re-loaded later to continue working on your return.

4. Create CSO EHECS Return File

Select Reports > CSO EHECS.

Once you have entered all data as required you are ready to complete and create your CSO EHECS Return File.

In the Summary tab enter any comments and the Declaration Information required. You must also select whether it is an ‘Original’ or ‘Amended’ return.

The EHECS File cannot be generated if any errors or omissions are found in the data.

Press the ‘Check Data’ button to verify the data. If any errors or omissions are found a error message will be displayed.

Press ‘OK’ on the warning message to display a list of the errors and/or omissions found.

All the errors/omissions found will have to be corrected before the EHECS File can be created to return to the CSO.

When the data successfully passes the validation, then click on ‘Create CSO File’ to create the EHECS File.

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